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TAE brings member-executives the most useful and timely information, ideas, and business from our organization of knowledgeable experts; opens doors to important business contacts; and provokes fresh thinking and mutual business success. In other words, TAE helps grow your business.

TAE is the largest and most successful executive association in the Western United States because it is so effective. Members consider the weekly meetings at Tucson Country Club a profitable and vital business appointment. TAE enjoys an enviable national reputation among its peers and in the local business community because the leadership of this premier executive association has always been particular regarding who is admitted to, and continues to merit, member status. As one of our members says, “TAE connects business owners with REAL business.”

History of Tucson Association of Executives

Tucson Bussiness

The Tucson Association of Executives was founded in 1999 by Bob Webb and eight other local business owners to offer confidential business information among the member firms. This association was patterned after the Executive’s Associations Movement started in San Francisco in 1916 by a small group of businessmen meeting together to enhance each other’s business. They were already exchanging business with one another and were looking for ways to further grow their businesses.

Since the original founding, TAE has grown to offer important business contacts, provoke fresh thinking and mutual business success, support members with assets and strategies, find unrivaled opportunities for members and to find solutions to business challenges. Unlike any other Executive Association in the country, TAE offers unique member benefits.

Member Testimonials

"TAE is the first business group I have joined. I was very impressed with the professionalism, passion, and friendliness among the members. I now have a hundred business friends who have the knowledge and connections to meet any needs my company, my customers and my family might have. I have found them eager to grow my business. I look forward to serving the residents of Tucson and my fellow TAE members for many years to come."

Lee Goodrum, Baker’s Distinctive Home Furnishings

“TAE has been the most productive and result-driven group I have ever witnesses after being in the banking industry for over 30 years. The camaraderie and the true caring for fellow members never fails to amaze me. Everyone from the Executive Director on down has a vested interest in making TAE the premier business group in the United States. That vested interest pays off on a weekly basis, both for me personally and for Bank of Tucson. And isn’t that what all business people need? Personal and business gratification. For me, TAE helps satisfy both needs.”

Kenneth J. Krapf, Vice President, Bank of Tucson

“I joined TAE six months after they began the organization. I have been involved with many committees, on the board, and was president of the organization. I keep track of the business I get from TAE and I am happy that my membership has been so lucrative. And the most valuable asset for me is the availability of all the diverse businesses that are involved with TAE. I not only use them for myself but also for my family and friends. I know when I refer a client, friend or family member to one of my fellow TAE members for products or services, that it will be completely satisfactory, timely, and professional. Our motto, ‘Helping to Grow Your Business’ is what goes on at TAE, it isn’t just a slogan.”

John Belton, owner, Citizens Transfer and Storage Co. Inc.