Tucson Association of Executives

Member: Sam Behrend

Address: P.O. Box 14651 Tucson, AZ 85732

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Email: info@taeonline.com

Website: http://taeonline.com/


TAE is the largest and most successful executive association in the Western United States because it is so effective. TAE brings member-executives the most useful and timely information, ideas, and business from our organization of knowledgeable experts; opens doors to important business contacts; and provokes fresh thinking and mutual business success. In other words: TAE HELPS GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

TAE is active, innovative and effective.


The value of TAE to a member is the strength, quality, diversity, and compatibility of its membership. TAE has more than 100 members and is growing. They represent 2,500 employees and $300 million in annual sales. Each weekly meeting a member has a 3 out of 4 chance of getting new business.
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