The Alternative Board

Member: Tom Neustedter

Address: 5750 N. Placita Deleite
Tucson, AZ 85750

Phone:520-549-6287 Fax:




Helping Small Business Leaders Achive Greater Success

The Alternative Board exists to help business owners align their business vision with their personal vision. It exists to provide owners / CEO'S with the power to ensure that their businesses will deliver what they want out of life.

Membership with The Alternative Board is about transformation. Transforming companies and their owners to increase business performance, work through business opportunities and challenges, achieve greater success and truly live the personal and professional life the owner desires.

As a certified business coach and facilitator, Tom has a passion for working in and with small businesses, helping them develop new business opportunity while achieving growth in both sales and profits. He also believes that growing the Tucson economy will be achieved by helping local small businesses successfully grow larger.  Tom is committed to helping small business leaders achieve greater success in both their business and personal endeavors while helping foster a community of support for entrepreneurial business owners.


As CEO and founder of TAB Tucson, Tom works with The Alternative Board, providing coaching and peer advisory group facilitation services to leaders of small businesses. An exceptional problem solver, Tom leverages his experience in sales, marketing, engineering, manufacturing and financial management to help business owners solve their most challenging issues. Peer Group Advisory Board Facilitation; Executive Mentoring and Training; Strategy and Annual Business Planning; Business Development Guidance; Hiring, Training and Team Building.
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