Diamondback Shooting Sports

Member: Doug MacKinlay

Address: 7030 E. Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85710

Phone:886-8338 Fax: 886-8314

Email: dmac@dbackpolice.com

Website: www.dbackshootingsports.com


Diamondback Shooting Sports, Inc. is a brick and mortar retail gun store selling a broad spectrum of personal defense and shooting sports related products to the civilian, law enforcement, and military community.  We offer gunsmithing services, fingerprinting services and we're a Class III firearms dealer.  Our highly qualified instructors teach a wide variety of firearms and safety related courses to security personnel and the general public.  Please visit our e-commerce store that's operational 24/7/365 by going to our website at www.dbackshootingsports.com.                                                                                                                                                       


Diamondback Shooting Sports is located at 7030 E. Broadway Blvd. just across the parking lot from Little Anthony's Diner and Gaslight Theater. We started operations in 1998 as Diamondback Police Supply Co., Inc. We moved to our current location in October 2014 where we established a second corporation under the name of Diamondback Shooting Sports, Inc. Shooting Sports is a 13,000 sq. ft. brick & mortar store where we provide personal defense products, firearm/shooting sports related products, fingerprinting services, e-commerce store, and gunsmithing to the civilian, law enforcement, and military community. We have a classroom capable of seating up to 30 students where we teach eighteen different firearm and security related training courses. We're a Class III dealer selling silencers, machineguns, and other NFA related products to the law abiding firearms consumer. Our e-commerce store may be accessed at www.dbackshootingsports.com. We're open 7 days a week.
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