Enterprise Holdings

Enterprise Holdings

Member: Kyle Sanders

Address: 3313 E. Speedway

Phone:970-946-7749 Fax:

Email: kyle.sanders@ehi.com

Website: www.enterpriseholdings.com


Enterprise was started in St. Louis, Missouri in 1957. Founder Jack Taylor saw an opportunity to rent cars to Cadillac customers who were in need of loaner vehicles while their car was in the shop for service or repairs. He formed an alliance with General Motors and Enterprise Rent A Car took off. The idea that customers not only needed a replacement vehicle while their car was out of service, but that they should not have to drive to the airport to get a loaner created the home-town rental market. Picking customers up was the natural progression, which did not come from Jack Taylor, but from one of his empowered employees in Florida. Once this mold of business grabbed the attention of the public, so did Enterprise. Since then the company has grown to become the largest rental car company in North America and soon it will be the largest in the world. THE ENTERPRISE DIFFERENCE Professionalism, competent empowered employees. Empathy: Enterprise has never fluxed replacement rates during peak times. We empathize with our customers and insurance companies have stayed loyal. Customer service, multiple locations, variety of vehicles, ability to bill insurance companies, body shops dealerships and local and national companies.

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