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Member: Nancy Purdin

Address: 3117 E. Circulo Del Tenis
Tucson AZ 85716

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Travel. Full service travel agency, booking cruises, tours, airline tickets, rental cars, and hotels. MVP specializes in the South Pacific including Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tahiti and Cook Islands. I have completed courses to qualify as an Aussie Specialist, Kiwi Specialist, Fiji Specialist, Tahiti Specialist, as well as Costa Rica, Belize, Ireland, Peru and Great Britain.


MVP Travel/South Pacific Explorations is a full service travel agency specializing in planning fantastic, detailed itineraries for individuals and groups throughout the world. I specialize in the South Pacific, specifically New Zealand, and also Australia, Fiji, Tahiti and the Cook Islands and have traveled extensively throughout the region. I also specialize in Central America, specifically Belize, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Having lived in Germany for three years, Europe also hold a special place in my personal travels. I specialize in making your dream trip come true, with purposeful travel such as exploring other cultures or voluntourism among my passions. Please Go Away to your dream destination!
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