Asian Trade Rug Company

Asian Trade Rug Company

Member: Tomas Almazan

Address: 2623 N. Campbell Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719

Phone:520.326.7828 Fax: 520.326.1432




Asian Trade Rug Company provides quality hand woven/knotted rugs and services at an affordable price to the industry and the general public. Our rugs are sold to a target market of interior designers and clients who appreciate hand made rugs. Asian Trade Rug Cos rugs and services can be distinguished from the competitors by the quality, service and education. Sales are made directly through the store, through designers and the internet. Established in 1979 Asian Trade Rug Co. is Arizonas premiere resource for quality handmade / hand woven rugs from around the world.  We specialize in Persian tribal pieces, with a great emphasis on quality and value.  We are direct importers and exporters. We also buy handmade rugs outright, or will consign better rugs and textiles from private parties. All of our products are sold on a satisfaction guaranteed basis. We do take trade in rugs, in any condition. We do all of our own cleaning and repair in our state of the art cleaning facility, on our site. All cleaning and restoration work is done by an expert repaiman, on site. We offer pick up and delivery. We clean any and all rugs, specializing in Antique rugs and textiles. (Including but not limited to): Persian, Navajo, Tapestries, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Turkish, the list goes on and on, and yes even machine made rugs. We do restoration work for many carpet cleaning companies and drycleaners, at a reduced to the trade rate. We can handle fire-damaged rugs, water-damaged rugs and rugs with animal damage. We restore any and all rugs, specializing in Antique rugs and textiles. (Including but not limited to): Persian, Navajo, Tapestries, Indian, Pakistan, Chinese, Turkish, the list goes on and on, and yes even machine made rugs. We offer storage and can hold rugs for customers in between locations or waiting for areas to be ready, or indefinitely. We do clean rugs and textiles that have insect infestation. We appraise and identify any rug. (This is the fun part of the business) We supply padding and backing for rugs. With our e-commerce site we have our own shipping department: We ship domestically and internationally. For your convenience we can issue call tags, (where the carrier picks up at your location and is shipped to us). Usually used by out of state customers. We love to educate and teach anyone with an interest in rugs. We hold rug seminars and events with an educational theme. We believe that the more you know and learn about quality handmade rugs, the more comfortable you become and will be a loyal and long term customer. We are members of A.S.I.D, American Society of Interior Design.


For over 35 years, Asian Trade Rug Company and has offered inspired Persian antique, tribal and transitional oriental rugs. We offer and care for quality traditional, transitional and contemporary rugs. offers the best quality in Persian Gabbeh. We hand select our antique carpet collection. These include rare, collectible and decorative antique rugs city, village and nomadic carpets and weavings Shop and compare the value Services Provided: Professional Cleaning and Restoration done in our own state of the art cleaning plant, We offer an impressive inventory of antique, traditional Persian carpets. The majority of our antique carpets are in excellent condition. We offer a Long term Exchange Policy, which helps with future choices. We are all experts in the field. Many of our long-distance clients use our try before you buy and convenient, door-to-door service. Areas Served: Based in Tucson AZ, and with the help of the internet and through we easily help our long distance clients in locations such as the Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Houston, Dallas, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, and South Americas and beyond. Certification and Awards: Better Business Bureau "Business ethics award"
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