Honorary member #12

Honorary member #12

Member: Sally Haslett

Address: 63184 E. Whispering Tree Lane
Tucson, AZ 85739

Phone:520-400-1099 Fax:

Email: haslettsbaz@wbhsi.net

Website: www.cardsmaketheirday.com


Send Out Cards is an online personalizesd website that allows you to be effective at Relationship Marketing. You can let your clients know that you appreciate their business with a few words inside of one of more then 15,000 cards and then click SEND and Send Out Cards will print, stamp and mail ( through the USPS! ) the card you chose. These are REAL cards that are received in the mailbox! It is inexpensive, easy and individualized. Send A FREE card through my website. www.cardsmaketheirday.com or allow me to send your cards for you!


Pick a card, personalize it, add a gift, and send it with just a few clicks of the mouse! These REAL cards are received in the mail box of the receipient. For only $9.80 a month you can send up to 10 cards. Sign up in July and you will receive the 4th month FREE! ( That is only 75 cents a card! ) There are over 15,000 cards to chose from and you can also create any custom card with pictures and logos. Put in a Starbucks card or gift! Call Sally (400-1099) for a tour of the Send Out Cards site or go to her website ( www.cardsmaketheirday.com ) to send a FREE card! What are you waiting for? Promote your business with Send Out Cards!
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