Quik Mart Stores, Inc.

Member: Shelly Gibbons

Address: 8351 E. Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85710

Phone:298-8929 Fax: 298-6881

Email: shelly@quikmartstores.com

Website: www.quikmartstores.com


Quik Mart is proud to be a part of Tucson. We have the distinction of being the only locally owned and operated convenience store chain in Tucson. We are also one of the largest independent convenience store chains in the State of Arizona. We, at Quik Mart, are in the customer service business, We were a finalist for the Better Business Bureau Customer Excellent Award. The first three Quik Marts were opened in January of 1965 by J. Wesley Little Jr., the founder and CEO of the company. We have now expanded to 27 stores and Troy Little, President and Shelly Little Gibbons, Vice President help run the company.
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