The value of TAE to a member is the strength, quality, diversity, and compatibility of its membership.

Benefits of being a member

  • TAE is a business association with a singular, clearly recognizable purpose—to enrich each of its member’s business and professional interests.
  • TAE encourages you to promote your products and services.
  • TAE give you access and visibility to an unlimited number of potential customers, which will logically increase your sales.
  • TAE Advantage—A website and other avenues that market your business to employees (perhaps as a benefit of their employment with you), friends, associates, and the Tucson community.
  • Weekly meeting at Tucson Country Club where hundreds (HUNDREDS!) of business leads are given and where a member has a 2 out of 3 chance of leaving the meeting with new business.
  • TAE Resource Center where you will find support with assets and strategies that can be adopted to maximize your membership and grow your business. It’s where you will get straight, honest advice from diverse vantage points, confidentiality, and unrivaled opportunities to find solutions to your business challenges.
  • The Executive Edge – Weekly 16-page newsletter.
  • TAEbriefing—A website updated DAILY that is dedicated to growing your business, making you a better business person, and keeping you informed about local business opportunities.
  • Gives your business positive visibility, inexpensive advertising, VIP status, increased business, and an enhanced image.
  • A forum of peers to discuss issues about your company that you might not want to talk about to employees, friends, or family.
  • When you join TAE you demonstrate a commitment to Tucson business, thereby increasing your favor among local citizens. This, in turn, leads to more opportunities and better sales.
  • Added name recognition to a highly desirable audience of Tucson business leaders.
  • Associate your business with a quality organization.
  • Support the Tucson business community with direct contact to business owners and decision makers.