It’s very simple, all our functions and activities are targeted to promote the business interests of our members. Our motto, “Helping to Grow Your Business” springs directly from TAE’s objective. TAE offers unique benefits that make it so successfully effective. The members of TAE are the top executives—owner, sole proprietor, president, CEO, or top local official—of each firm in various business categories representing a wide range of business sizes. In addition, many of our members are very active in the community and contribute in a positive way. Membership is by invitation.


  • Must be a firm, association, corporation, partnership, limited liability company or sole proprietor.
  • Business must be located in Pima, Pinal, or Santa Cruz counties.
  • Must be owner, partner, CEO, President, or highest local official of a national company.
  • Be of good character and outstanding business and professional reputation.

After reading this, and you think you are eligible for membership, please respond by completing the online prospective membership application. “Interested in Joining” will take you where you need to go to express your interest.